customize LED outdoor lighting
LED outdoor lighting
  • LED Garden light and LED outdoor lighting
  • Prestigious garden lights for outdoor use
  • Low glare due to indirect lighting where possible.
  • Easy installation with 24V system. Also available as 230V.
  • Customized lightplan, for your project. Please contact us
  • Customize our products is possible to your needs with low efforts. (Light color, fixture color, lenght/ size of bolder)
  • Developped and produced in Helmond, Nederland
Custom led products
  • Led-e-Lux produces customized solutions for industrial use. Due to our knowledge in garden lights, we are specialized in outdoor (robust, firm, corrosion proof and watertight) use. In our projects you find seaworthy ships, government led projects and led products customized for industrial led applications.
  • You are search for a led product that can be adapted to your industrial needs? We customize led products to your industrial needs

About us:

Led-e-Lux develops and manufactures led products in The Netherlands. Our competence is development and we are specialized in outdoor lights, offshore lights and customized products for the industry. Furthermore our garden lights are developed with professional designers. The quality is visible, only Stainless steel, anodized aluminium and brand leds are used, as a result a firm and robust designs and as less as possible plastics. All designed in area Eindhoven. Most of our suppliers are certified and specialized in their parts. We are fast in development and production because all of them are from Brabant and maximum 30km away from Eindhoven.

Because we have our own production of led garden lights, we can in the fast moving market of LED, immediately switch to the latest technology. Therefore we have always the latest technology in led in our products. Ofcourse we use that knowledge also in our industrial led products.